Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost over

I'm so grateful for my family. even though I couldn't spend Thanksgiving with any, but the boys that still live at home, I could talk to them on the phone.
I just spent 5 days with my oldest and her family. So tiring to see how much work a 2 year old is! Austin loves to draw and can show great patience with a puzzle. he's willing and helpful... at times...Lewis was so fun to watch; he got comfortable enough with me on day 5 to cuddle and go to sleep in my arms.
Our modern life has so many advantages! Here's a few I'm thankful for; cell phones, computers, cars, planes, long-arm quilting machines, husbands that help cook Thanksgiving dinner.

We sat down to dinner about 4:30. Here's our menu, it's a little cut down from earlier years, I found traveling the day before really cuts into your cooking time :).

Cranberry jell
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Black Currant berry juice
Chocolate pie
(Pumpkin pie is in the refrigerator, we just didn't have room for it.)

This was a group affair. Roger was helping throughout. The cauliflower he did completely on his own-it was very good. Andrew made the rolls and the Chocolate Pie. Jeffrey was in charge of the table. (He also did some laundry and picked-up the living room.) There is a whole bunch of things we did not do; this is the first Thanksgiving in 50 years that I have not had my Aunt Avis's friut salad, we got full though and there is still tomorrow when we have/get to eat again.
No pictures; I was just too tired. I got to bed about midnight and then got up at 5.

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Angela said...

We had the most wonderful GF/DF thanksgiving plus got a LOT done one the house. My poor parents also had their first gf/df Tday but seemed to enjoy it and we didn't even eat half of the food.