Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've gradually moved to using a polyester thread for some of my quilting. Isacord works well with my machine top and bottom; I like the sheen and the fact that I CAN get a spool at a local store (well, relatively local).
So I started a quilt Saturday knowing I was low on thread. I ordered a new big spool but it got really close to the end of the spool so I went to the store and THEY WERE OUT OF THE COLOR! How could they do that to me? Now I"m waiting for the ordered thread.
I have a thread that is very close in color that I'll use in the busy Dresden Plate area that will never show the difference. Then I'll either take it out after basting it or do some other sewing while I wait. Hey, I COULD clean house until it gets here....

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Diane said...

I need to try more poly's