Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy Week-end

Friday there was a costume contest at the Jr. High. I did not know about it. Andrew forgot about it. Andrew won the contest. How you ask? I had insisted that he take some sunglasses to use in Science class while they burned magnesium. He taped a notebook to the glasses; taped a torn piece of notebook paper with 'facebook' written on it. wore the glasses kind of cock-eyed so he could see out one side. He got first place.

Saturday Jeffrey had a band competition in San Antonio. He had to be at the high school by 4 A.M. Since Roger was our designated driver I got up at 3 and got Jeffrey where he needed to be. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. We left for San Antonio about 7 and got to watch his band and many others compete. Each band had 8 minutes to get on the field, perform and get off. There were some wonderful shows. Every single one was fabulous;I would not want to be one of the judges. My favorite, besides Jeffrey's, was a remembrance of the soldiers of World War II; HONOR; we will remember'; that band came in second.
We got home about 10; Jeffrey got home at 3 A.M. today.

Today we had an abbreviated Church schedule due to sharing our building. We were through with church at 9 A.M.! Jeffrey went back to bed. Andrew had homework. I went to Quilt Market to look at the quilts! (Don't hate me.) No one was looking at the quilts. It was marvelous; or it would have been marvelous if my legs hadn't been hurting the whole time I was there. Tomorrow I'll finish looking at the quilts and look for some Long-arm quilt books, thread, or rulers.... AND I'll get home at a reasonable time since I don't have to look at everything.

I love red and white quilts so here is one that caught my eye at the show.The red is cotton fabric the 'white' is a silk/cotton and really looks great. It was made by Robyn Fahy of Northern Ireland.

I've been working on the little Christmas books whenever I can. Here are the a's:It sure makes the football games better! Since our High School team has won all but 1 game we are in the play-offs so we 'get' to attend football games through November too!


Patty Cake said...

We have been to our last football game this year! I am sooo sad, not! I love my son so I go.

Mel said...

i like the red with green stitching the best (the 'a' on the upper left corner).

That band competition sounds like fun!