Friday, September 17, 2010

Winding Ways

I love the pattern 'Winding Ways' My grandmother made one a long time ago, about 1925.
Then my mother made one in 2008.
So if I follow the pattern I have until 2091 to make mine..I'll be...137 years old. Maybe I can't wait that long.
I recently found a new blog and found a blue and white 'Winding Ways' quilt. You'll need to scroll down to the last quilt in the post. Then squint a bit and I think you will see a 'Winding Ways' done with a slightly different shape.


Diane said...

How are you going to NOT make one, but I'd start a little sooner than later...
2091 seems like a long way off! The quilt your grandmother made looks like it's in really good condition, both are beauties.

Momma Made This said...

Yes, BOTH are gorgeous! I adore this pattern, and drew my own templates about 15 years ago. Mine is very scrappy and I love it, but there truly is something to be said for scrappy 1 color or 2 color versions! LOVE these!

~ Ronda

Liz said...

love those.. the one in the link i had to squint just right to see the winding way.

Mel said...

Eric says you can make winding ways or stars at sea for him.... :)