Friday, September 24, 2010

more candy...

Jeffrey had a Dr's appointment today at noon, so I got him out of school and on the way back I needed some cash so I sent him into the grocery store to 'get a candy bar; under $1.00, (Under a $1. cause the first time I sent him in for one he came put with a Toblerone bar which is $3.) for himself and his brother.' The next sentence I said to get Andrew some Skittles for him to eat during the football game. ...Jeffrey lit up and said can I have one too? When I said yes he hurried in and came out with 2 big bags of skittles!
He just didnt' think candy bar size when he thought skittles. Since he lost 4 lbs last month and the Dr. said for him to eat more I don't think sharing a big bag of skittles with the band will hurt him.

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