Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Melissa

XX number of years ago I embarked on a very long journey. Motherhood. I remember laying on the delivery table thinking;'Stop! I will never be the same. I will be a Mother FOREVER!' Labor didn't stop and I really didn't want it to, I had looked forward to my babies forever, as long as I remember I wanted babies. Lots of babies. I had 6. That gives me the potential to have lots of grandbabies.:) Melissa was a remarkable child and young woman. Here she is playing with her little brother. Now she is playing with her own babies. What a wonderful journey it has been being her Mother.
Thank-you, Melissa

(When my children were learning to read I would write books for them about the things we were doing. The top picture is a page from one of those books. The original had hand lettering and were in those awful sticky photo albums. I have managed to rescue the pictures and put them in a more stable format; acid free. Since I have not managed to get all our slides to digital format it is hard to find pictures of my young children that I can easily get on the blog. Melissa is wearing a superman costume/pajamas that I made for her brother, Reed.)

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Liz said...

yeah! for birthdays. Melissa did grow up nicely! I like her.