Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stash Report

I was supposed to be able to put down the yardage for this quilt today. As you can see I'm not finished binding it. I'm close to the 2nd corner; half done. 100" per side takes awhile to bind. I Got EQ7 this summer and over a period of days I put this quilt in. After working hard to get an approximation of the right colors I looked at the print preview page for yardage requirements. Two pages of fractions to I recolored every patch a bright blue. Now it says that I need 35 yards of blue fabric to piece this! I do not think that is right. So I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. I think it is strange that this is the only quilt in the history of quiltdom (my quiltdom anyway) that the label for the quilt is finished before the quilt.

donated, same: 71 yards
used, changed: 98 yards
purchased, changed: 109.25 yards

Very sad, not! At the quilt guild auction I got a stack of green fabric; 17 yards, for $.37 @yard. I also had to purchase 1/4 yard to finish the binding for Triangle Madness.

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Penny said...

Yes, EQ really does give some way out yardage estimates. Often I do it the old fashioned way too. Love your Triangle Madness quilt. Just think, next week you will be able to count all that fabric. And 37 cents a yard is unbelievable. I would of snapped it up too. That was a no brainer.