Friday, August 6, 2010


Our bread machine died about 2 months ago. So in 2 months I have bought about 2 loaves of bread; they just don't like store-bought and I'm lazy so we haven't had bread. I was out and about today and stopped at a thrift store. with my senior citizen discount I paid $10. for a new bread machine; one that had never been used.Then Andrew made bread!


Angela said...

That blows me away, great job on the price though! I totally think the kitchenaid bread is better than machine bread. You NEVER have to worry about bread rising too much and imploding or exploding. Plus then you have nice loaves without the beater in the middle.

Sue Bridges said...

Great, I have a breadmaker to and I just love the smell of break cooking in the kitchen, I also make pizza dough in mine and I made some over the weekend for a change, and they were very nice to even though I say so myself. Sue x