Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zipper pouch # 18

Over the years I have blogged about 15 different zipper pouches. I believe I did not blog about 2; a little one I made my mother for pills for her purse and one I use for medicine. That makes this little number #18. Jeffrey had a birthday party to go to and I made this for the birthday girl; he wrote a note to include and has plans to get her a 'real' gift soon.
This one turned out so sweet, I'm ready to make more.

What would you put in a zipper pouch?
  • One has receipts in my purse.
  • One has a few little toys to grab, when my grandson's visit, for church.
  • One I put any candy, gum I want to keep with me.
  • One I have a little bit of makeup in.
  • One is big enough to hold small bottle of meds for travel.
I've come to a conclusion though; each bag needs to be a different texture if it's going in your purse so you can feel them and know which is which.
  • I could make one out of lace,
  • one with gathers,
  • one with satin or just a stripe of satin ribbon,
  • one with corduroy or velvet!
  • a row of buttons..hey buttons in braille that spell out what's inside!
  • or maybe a tassel or something different hanging from the zipper....
  • tags like baby blankets have...
Hard to believe I've made 18 of these and look how many zippers I still have! 74! Finally it is fewer than I started with.

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