Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New shoes

Monday night we got to attend the Junior High awards ceremony. Andrew received 2 awards; a drama award for being in the school play and a geography bee participation award. It's interesting that he didn't actually participate in the geography bee; he was the runner-up that was supposed to go but he had a play practice that day and missed it. We sat in bleachers for 2 hours. I almost finished the label I posted yesterday and carefully picked the border off of 2 of my triangle madness blocks.
Friday night I stopped at the Skechers outlet store nearby and got myself these new walking shoes. They are supposed to be wonderful. I'm wondering if I'm going to like them. It's been interesting so far. I walked 2 hours in them Saturday and rested Sunday. I walked 3 hours (not continuous mind you, but I wore them shopping) Monday, now today I have to make myself wear them again. I'm using slightly different muscles and am getting sore; so I'm building up to wearing them all day. Today there will be a good bit of standing as I quilt and then I'll HAVE to do something that involves walking. I'm thinking Joanne's or an Antique mall nearby. So sad.
Hardly any quilting in this post....
The charity quilts I'm in charge of coordinating are coming along and I'll have something to week maybe.
I'm quilting a customer quilt so have no time for my own stuff.

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