Monday, May 17, 2010

Design Wall-Triangle~Madness

Honestly, I'm getting tired of Triangle~Madness too. I actually worked on some charity quilts last week but am not willing to take this down. A friend came over and we rearranged the wall. The light one's still need to be darker, but I think this is the arrangement the quilt will be.
This week I get to make 285 HST. Then I can finish!
Judy has many design wall links up today; go check them out.


Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness have the patience of Job!
Wow! They look terrific!

Diane said...

I'm not tired of it, but I know what you mean, I like different things on the wall to look at, but sometimes a project has to stay up there a bit longer if it's going to get done! I think you're in the homestretch-way to go.
I do believe you get the HST crown!

sophie said...

You get lots of admiration from me for sticking with these blocks. They are fantastic ... and I absolutely understand that you're probably sick of triangles. So what's next? A quilt with no triangles?

lj_cox said...

Wow, those are beautiful!