Friday, February 26, 2010

global warming

I have lived in Texas most of the last 31 years. THIS year I bought some of these; silk long underwear. I'm telling you, I have never felt like I needed long underwear here, but I wear them EVERYDAY! They are so comfortable and just add a little bit of warmth right were you need it; under your jeans. I just ordered another pair of bottoms, the tops show a bit under some shirts so I usually skip wearing the top and wear one of my red jackets.
And why am I mentioning this at the end of winter? I am sitting here shivering since I thought it would be warm enough to just wear my jeans...wishing I hadn't put both bottoms in the washing machine.

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Boyett-Brinkley said...

As a Texas sister, I can sympathize with you -- this has been the coldest, most snowy/icy/wintery mix winter I can remember. I have looked at that underwear myself and next year I am getting some right along with all my power outtage supplies!