Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cook's Illustrated

I went grocery shopping wondering what to fix for dinner and picked up the new issue of 'Cook's Illustrated'. Read their recipe for crisp pork tostadas then purchased the magazine the meat; a pork roast, and went home and fixed it. Jeffrey loved it, everyone else liked it too. YES! Something everyone likes. It's basically 'pulled pork' cooked a bit differently and is easy and tastes great.
The next day I put the leftovers into a batch of minestrone that everyone had seconds of too. So dinner is ready for tonight since I haven't figured out how to make a batch of soup that feeds less than 20.
Here's the minestrone that I kind of followed. Except I had no celery and no parsley. I doubled the garlic and used some V-8 (usually I skip the tomatoes and just use V-8.) I cooked the green beans with the carrots since we like ours overcooked. I added chili powder and a bit of Tabasco. Then I sliced the cabbage, shredded the 3 zucchinis and put them in after the pasta was done so those vegetables only cooked a few minutes, while the table was being set.

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