Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winding Way

Have you noticed a trend? Tuesday is Inspiration Quilt day. Unfortunately I can't see this continuing for a long time.
This is a quilt pieced by my grandmother; Belle Elizabeth Tinker Caughey. She made it while working for a hotel in Silverton, Colorado before her marriage in1923. The blues all came from the aprons the women wore in the hotel, all but one of them faded substantially. Grandma found that she did not love quilt making; during my youth she made us each a doll quilt and then knitted and crocheted. Nevertheless her Winding Ways quilt inspired my mother to make this:
I have collected a book and templates to make it myself but it's not on the list for this decade. Here are some close-ups of some of Mom's blocks. Each quilt she makes has some butterflies in it and she often 'fussy cuts' special motifs.

This block is of a scrap from the swimsuits my mother made her 5 s in the 1950's. I remember wearing it in the backyard playing in the sprinkler.

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Liz said...

i love those quilts.. i can't wait to see yours..