Thursday, January 7, 2010

new soup

I splurged yesterday and since the boys were at the dentist and it is right near my favorite restaurant and it was lunch time I bought fajitas for them for our lunch. It was expensive so I felt bad again about not being able to eat their picco de ____whatever; it is just TOO spicy for me. So I made chicken tortilla soup; first I fried their offering and then I blended the onions that came with the fajitas and fried that a bit too. Then I added it to some chicken broth, a can of chili's, part of a tomato, and their little bit of red salsa, that is too hot to eat with chips, added some chicken and served it. So good and NO waste from my lunch out!
And that is what I"m having for breakfast today.

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Paula said...

What a great idea. I'm not into any would make a great seasoning to add to recipes and soups. Thanks for the light bulb moment!