Friday, January 29, 2010


You are probably sick of chocolate; I know I am. 223 done, now I'm committed to making 350 fancy RS's then we are being served dinner by 24 men, I think I need to do some for them but I may get faster less pretty ones for them. I'll be editing the original post with more hints when I'm finished.

During my 'rest, melting chocolate, cooling chocolate' off time I got a cool birthday card made. No picture; it needs to be in Amarillo by Monday. So I finally made my run to the post office.

I'm listening to I have a custom radio station with no ads and they only play what I like! I have a couple that I switch back and forth to. One is 'Catch a Falling Star' I get a lot of big band music there. I also listen to 'Dean Martin'. Then for some more folky sound I listen to 'Jim Croce'.
I have several more but the chocolate is cool enough to pipe now.

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