Thursday, December 10, 2009

bird cage not birdhouse!

Eventually we all go Christmas shopping, right? Well, I went today and bought these snowflakes; I have a weakness for snowflakes.
I went shopping for my boys but found myself some great deals. Coldwater Creek had 35% off everything; I bought myself a polar fleece jacket, (I've been living in my husband's) I also bought myself 2 t's. I could have easily spent $200. more; but how many jackets does a person living in Houston need? Maybe I'll find something tomorrow for someone else.


Barbara Jean said...

OK Laurie,
You're up and shining at my place.

You should share this on Get R Done, and Finished for Friday today.

Both links at my place.

blessings and thanks for sharing

barbara jean

Threeundertwo said...

What a cool idea! I have a small birdcage (not as fancy as yours) I might copy this idea.

Thanks so much for joining in on Finished for Friday!