Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I worked yesterday; 15 hours for the election. We had 988 people come through to use our 4 booths and there was a line ALL day. Although most people thought we were volunteers we will get paid; last year my check came in January. We had more lines than last year at the presidential election. I expect that more people made it to early voting then and we expected to have a heavy turnout and had more booths and workers than this year. It sure involves a lot of paper work and equipment that has to be hauled around.
Last Saturday it was my job to go get the stuff in Galveston. I was on the roads with 10,000 motorcycles so it took at extra 30 minutes each way. With my GPS I went on some back roads in Galveston and really enjoyed the ride home looking at houses. I stopped at a new quilt shop halfway home so you know it was good.
Jeffrey's high school marching band made it to State and got home at 2:30 this morning. They made it to second place! He enjoyed the trip.

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