Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday goals

Today I had high hopes of getting a lot done. You may have noticed I quit doing the Sunday stash report I got tired of having nothing finished to get my numbers down. I had thought I'd finish Landon's quilt (grandson #5-due in December), I started quilting in on Sunday...not done.

  • mail quilts to California-done
  • quilt Landon's quilt/put customers quilt in
  • clean kitchen
  • wash 2 loads of laundry-done
  • get Andrew's new contacts-done
  • manicure and pedicure-done (that was had work; sit in a massage chair and have someone tickle your feet.)
  • grocery shopping-not done, we're still out of eggs and apples, and orange juice...
  • fix dinner- done but not really, we ordered pizza.
  • pay red light fine (yes, I went through a red light and the cameras got me.
  • pay overdue sales tax.
  • make a deposit (to cover the check that I need to write for the red light ticket.)
  • fold laundry-it'll still be there tomorrow...
Okay it wasn't as bad as I thought; but I'd planned on getting more done. I had a week of staying up late and sleeping late and now getting up at 5:30 is catching up with me.

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