Friday, September 18, 2009

more headaches

I'm sure you think I sew all the time but really when I have a project ready I just sew for short bits of time. This morning I sewed from 6-6:30 then again from 8:45 to 9. I decided to check a few of the squares that I kept thinking couldn't be cotton...and they weren't. Now I have a stack of strips that have the non-100% cotton fabric in them; 3 whites with red are definitely polyester (burn the fabric; cotton has a soft ash, polyester has a melted , crisp edge) and now I think one or 2 of the reds from the same sewer is also polyester.
Where were the quilt police when I needed them! I may put this away until I'm old and patient to work on it....

On the home front James is sort of potty trained. We set the timer for 40 minutes and when it goes off he goes potty by himself. Public toilets still scare him but with encouragement he can still perform. Automatic toilets are REALLY scary; mostly cause they are loud and echo in the large tile rooms.
Angela needed to go to a different Dr. yesterday so we took Tyler out of school early; left notes for my boys and went to northwest Houston, 1 1/2 hours away. Tyler threw up in the back seat of our new car! We tried to clean it up when we got home but the seats need to be taken out to clean the carpet. So we'll do it tomorrow when we have someone without a gimp back and ill to help. Then Andrew called that he needed a ride home since he'd missed the bus. :( I was kept busy chasing boys around the complex; none of the trees were climbable ;( The one that was had a big bed of fire ants at the base; no one is brave enough to try to climb over that.
Monday Angela starts a new diet; no grains, fruit or sugar for a month. She tried to do it cold turkey Tuesday and got really sick so we backed off and eliminated sugar and fruit for a week then she will do the grains next week. We'll make a menu up and go shopping so she has plenty to eat that is allowed. The Dr. convinced her that she will feel much better if she will do this now. If I was a good Mother I would go on the diet with her....probably not happening.

Tonight is the first home football game and I GET to make dessert for the pre-game dinner. So I better get busy.


Mel said...

I will never do a quilt exchange... from your stories it sounds 10times worse than making the whole thing yourself... well... you could... just make the quilt with the polyester squares... maybe...

Poor angela, what do you eat if you can't have fruit, sugar, and grains!! that cuts out a lot... can she eat steak and green beans? what about salad? is there salad dressing that has no sugar?

Leavitt's said...

I must not be a good mom either, I never go on Josh's crazy diets either (his are not medically necessary though) he went for a couple of years with no sugar (it could not be in the top three ingredients) I always had tons on sugar in the house. kinda made it rough for him.

Micha said...

The part that really jumped out at me was Jimmy and the public potties - Aeryn has been sooo phobic of public restrooms and I just feel relieved to hear other kids are too!

Ms. Porter said...

i'm so behind on reading your blog, i feel like i should make a cup of tea before i 'catch up'!

my oldest daughter (mouse) is afraid of public toilets, they flush too loudly and forcefully which scares her! she won't even use the automatic ones. we are trying to work through this with her but it's a genuine fear and she's 6!!!!

ps-pls never say 'that if you were a good mom you'd' are a great mom. but i think you know that.