Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm a failure... not really I just was too busy this month. This month I did not finish a personal item. I have lots of excuses; I hurt my back, I had a customer quilt that I worked on when I could, I had company from out of town, and I hurt my back.
I am working on this project. It is in the long arm and I'm having fun quilting it. It's a challenge. I tried quilting with contrasting thread; I'm ripping that part out. I like the thread to match. I'm trying all new patterns on it. It will be done soon. The machine tracks need a good cleaning and I bought rubbing alcohol to do it with....but SOMEONE ELSE must have used it since I can't find it.

We're doing meals on wheels this morning, then chiropracter, pedicure, then shopping, then meal preparation, then FINALLY some time to sew. Probably 30 minutes!

Saturday Angela's brother came over and I think she twisted his arm but he helped, was the biggest worker, in moving my 'hunt cupboard' (a solid oak antique) that is FULL of china and glass stuff into the front room and the big desk with computer moved into the dining room. Plus the boys computer moved into the dining room. With little boys in the house we needed to be closer to the action so to speak; the boys play in the adjacent family room. They worked hard for 3.5 hours to get done. I even did a little...supervision that is. Now we won't be doing everything in the front room and we'll keep it neater.

Time to get busy.

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swooze said...

You'll get there. Just get better!