Sunday, August 2, 2009

no quilts!

I just got back from Washington D.C. My husband had a business meeting there for the week and we went along. I was at the mercy of 2 boys; 12 and 14. I saw 2 quilts there; neither were great; I didn't try to take pictures of them...the boys had the camera anyway. I figured they saw enough boring (in their opinion) without me dragging them to see quilts. I'm telling you that I should have worked out harder before the trip! The muscles on the top of my feet HURT! One week is not enough time see much; a drop in the bucket.
The poor boys... all day they were at my mercy; go here, do that, turn here. In the evening I stayed in the room recovering in hot water and the boys were then at their Dad's mercy. They took the metro in one evening and Dad let them run on and off the train at every stop... Let them? He was doing it too! (there was only 1 other person on that car.) They got to go to the top of the Washington monument and see most of the other monuments at night; jogging between them! Another night they went to Roosevelt's Island; a wilderness area.
Our flight was late 3 hours on Friday night; we could have seen something else in that time if we'd known. We got home VERRY Late. It was close to 3 a.m.
Here's hoping he gets another business trip to D.C.!

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