Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th

I had an uneventful 4th. At noon I got very ill for about 4 hours. I called a friend and she came over and took care of the boys while I laid in bed and shivered for 2 hours; when she needed to leave she took my grandsons with her for another hour. When I came downstairs I saw that she hadn't been idle while she was here either. She mopped the kitchen floor and helped the boys pick up toys and got the clutter up in the front room. What a lift it was to come downstairs and see the cleanliness of it.
I felt much better and went and got TV dinners for dinner, picked up the boys, 'cooked' dinner, took them swimming. When we came in they had a new toy to play with that the same friend had sent home with me. Then bedtime.
No fireworks,
No parade,
No potato salad,
No watermelon,
No Texas barbecue,
but peace.
It's so wonderful to have friends.

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