Saturday, July 11, 2009

Could you tell?

I have about 2 hours and my boys will be home. My daughters worry if I post about being home alone; so I don't. This has been a wonderful week. Lots of sleep and running around. I actually had time to write posts and I quilted one customer quilt and the stabilizing of one of my quilts. Looking back I should have made stricter goals but it is summer. This was my vacation. I laid out in the pool with a book and found it so boring that I fell asleep. I didn't cook. Nothing except 1 can of soup the first day and something for the grandboys on Sunday before they left to stay at their other Grandma's... the fun one.
I picked up a meal at Gringo's and ate it for 5 meals! (Gringos is my favorite Tex-Mex place in town.) I met a friend for lunch, I had berries and ice-cream for breakfast, and assorted fast food. I craved brisket enchiladas but no one makes them like I do. I've tried Gringos nachos in the past but they are a greasy mess, so I went to another Mexican restaurant in town and theirs were worse. Today I tried Papasitos beef nachos thinking they would be as close as I could come to my beef enchiladas... they were pretty good, not greasy, no pourable cheese, chunky guacamole very good and enough for 3 meals! I'm still craving MY beef enchiladas though. I guess I'll get over it since I'm not willing to cook a brisket when neither Roger nor I are supposed to eat beef.

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