Monday, June 29, 2009


I signed up to attend my first quilt retreat; it takes place in September.
We're going to a Christian Renewal Center and I was surprised to learn that to cut costs everyone brings their own sheets, blankets, and towels. It made me think that I could do the same when I visit my parents or sisters to make my visit less stressful for them. (Not the blankets though.)
I remember, when visiting my Grandmother with my 4 young children, that I was worried about making extra work for her so we slept in our sleeping bags on top of the mattresses. She wasn't really happy with us doing that though.
I try to strip the beds when we leave or even go so far as to get the laundry started for the sheets; but when we have to get up early and get going for a 24 hour drive home it doesn't always happen. It would be simpler to just bundle up the bedding and do the laundry at home.

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EPVCorier said...

what a great idea!