Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainbow Quilt; my OPAM

edit (May 31,2009) I decided to edit this post since this is my WISP or OPAM for the month of May. since this was taken the quilt has been washed and the glue came out and the binding is lovely. So try Sharon's method if you'd like a different technique up your sleeve.

I finished another quilt. (I KNOW you are SO surprised!) My rainbow 'Trip Around the World'. This is an exchange I did with friends in Lynchburg, VA (1996?). We exchanged very short tubes of squares in the order I'd written down for them. I love the way it turned out. I AM unhappy with the back I chose, green plaid homespun; I don't like the feel or the look of it.

I experimented with the binding. I'd seen Sharon Schamber free video of how she does binding and although the video put me to sleep I decided to use her method for attaching the binding before sewing the back. If you have a big quilt find a way to sit to do the ironing but since this was small I just stood. I really thought I'd never do it again but it is so relaxing to do the hand stitching on the back of the binding now with no pins and no holding and no tension that I'll do it again.

Week 20
Stash report
in; 7/12 of a yard (2 1/8's and 1-1/3 yard) a very odd measurement/this is getting rounded down to 1/2 yard,
Out; 8 yards

totals for the year
in;18 yards (I rounded this up a tiny bit to loose the fraction)
out; 83.91 How long will it take to get to 100 yards?


Silverthimble said...

I love how you have used many scrappy fabrics together to get a look that isn't scrappy at all! I have also seen Sharon Schamber's video but I have yet to try her binding technique. Nice to hear from someone who has used it and more importantly, will use it again.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I like your quilt, and bookmarked the link, I will watch it when it's QUIET and I can concentrate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the video. I did watch it and it is an interesting way of binding, by using washable glue instead of pins. I picked up a few new ideas to try the next time.