Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My Mother often has a tissue with a few pills wrapped up in it in her pocket or a ziplock bag in her purse with a pill and a couple of crackers if she is going to be away from home during a 'pill popping' time. So I took 15 minutes and made this little pouch for her. Literally 15 minutes; 'cause I changed the thread to tourquoise; otherwise I think 12 minutes. 

Does anyone else need a little pouch?

I had a lovely visit with my parents and got to cook some new dishes for us and show off the long arm. I was sick most of the time and Mom got sick too so we didn't do much but sit around.  I'm so glad they came.

And, Mom, Andrew is practising!

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Mel said...

That it the cutest little pouch! I am sure grandma loves it.