Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raspberry Bavarian

Today for Family Home Evening I made Raspberry Bavarian; Yummy. It's a recipe my mother has often made but I have not. While they were here last week she reminded me of it and gave me the recipe... it is so easy.

Raspberry Bavarian
1 package of Raspberry jello (sugar free or not)
(prepared using only the boiling water and no cold water)
Whipping cream; Whip the cream while or slightly before the water is boiling.
After the jello is dissolved add 2 cups of frozen berries, stir until it is almost set up;
fold in the whipped cream.
That's it. I set it in the fridge and served it an hour later. Andrew loves it; Jeffrey doesn't.
I found some blackberry jello so I'll try this again with the blackberries that are in my freezer.

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Mel said...

Mom. that quilt is gorgeous, I can't quit looking at it. Gorgeous!