Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stash buster

I didn't post last week since I hadn't finished anything or bought anything, didn't sound interesting to me either. I kind of killed 2 birds with one stone this week. I FINISHED a long term project; the Pinwheel quilt (pictures here and here ) so it counts in my 'work in slow progress' goal and it counts in stash busting too. 
The math is fun too; trying to figure out how much fabric is in a finished quilt!
back 6.5 yards
front 8.25 yards

so this week;
In; binding= .75 yards
border of new quilt .5 (Monday I have to go buy more since my math was way off!)
border .33 (1.5 inches short here; so I get to buy more.)
total in 1.58 yards 

out this week;
14.75 yards!

Year to date;
in: 4.83 yards
out: 45.8 yards


Brenda said...

Great to have a 'slow to finish' project Done!! Great start to a new month!! So, what's the next project you have to finish?? :-)

Scrappy-Quilter said...

oh your quilt is just lovely. Great stash busting report for the week too.