Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last week end it was VERY cold but a camping trip was planned so they went. Roger and both boys; it is hard work defending our tug of war championship but it is our duty. (No pictures though.)

I was home alone and so invited a friend (also a weekend widow) over for dinner where we brought in take-out and used my fancy new dishes. such a quiet evening... just what the Dr. ordered.

Last week was Spring Break and Roger has a with these 2 boys... of taking the 11 year old on a backpack trip. Since he is the 12 year old Scoutmaster it is the last time he can take his boy camping and actually help him instead of saying; 'ask the senior patrol leader.'

Does it look like Spring here? They found dogwood's blooming.
Does Andrew look happy?
 I LOVE Texas in March.

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Carol said...

And I was just cursing Texas for my allergies. Whenever the wind blows from Texas toward Oklahoma, I suffer. Last year during a March visit to Texas, my allergy problems turned into pneumonia. In spite of that, we are lucky to live in the southwest in March. It is snowing in many other places.