Monday, February 16, 2009

stash buster

First of all this is not a quilt I finished this week. I did not finish a quilt this week. Sad but true so looked through my pictures and decided this was appropriate for the season.  This started out as an exchange; I bought the fabric and made the first heart and did not like it at all so I altered the pattern and made it up for myself.  I remember selling my typewriter to a friend for $30 and using the $30 for fabric for this quilt. I worked on this every February for a while. Quilted on my domestic machine.

Stash report
in-I was gifted (thanks Mom) 1/4 yard but I don't count gifts- so 0 yards in.
out-0 yards

year to date:

In; 3.25
Out: 31.05

net -27.8

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