Friday, February 20, 2009

quilts on my mind

These two quilts have been on my mind lately and since I have to wait for my long-arm man to come today I got them out yesterday. The pink and green one is a block sampler from 'Quilts by the Bay' (a quilt shop in Galveston). 
It was a challenge for me since the directions were written for the Marti Mitchell templates. I did not want to buy the templates... so I drafted each pattern for myself and a friend that was doing it with me.  Saved me about ...$45.
I love pink and red together. I love the pink background fabric with roses. Unfortunately we started the quilt the year the pink fabric was discontinued so it was difficult to find. (Maybe that was fortunate; I loved it so much I may have put it in EVERY block if I could have.)
I have been helping/teaching a friend make her first quilt; a t-shirt quilt. So I have been thinking about Brian's. Since I finally found the blocks I decided to lay it out. But what should I put between the blocks? I'm thinking outline each block in black and then use some of his hair color, rusty red, fabric scattered in the larger areas.

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