Monday, January 19, 2009

doll clothes project

This is what greets me as I walk up the stairs to my room. These are my old doll dresses on hangers I made when I was little - 8? I just remember making them; no idea how old I was. These dresses were made by my Mother, my Grandmother and the neighbor down the street that was hired to make some for us for Christmas one year. I smile when I see them; the dolls from my childhood and some of my daughters dolls are on the shelf below. Lately as I go up the stairs I notice the dust on them. So I've started washing them, by hand, with the idea of doing something crafty with them... I'll post details when I get one finished. 
Don't hold your breath though I'm planning on going slowly with this project since my main goal is to quilt.

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Ms. Porter said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have your childhood dolls and clothes, that is so special. I barely have any of my old dolls let alone any of my Moms. What a fantastic picture too, I like that.