Thursday, December 25, 2008

That was a totally random post. After posting I realized I didn't even mention our lovely Christmas. Our boys are old enough to help and went to bed early 'cause they were 'tired'. I had most everything done by 10; then realized I could redo the stockings or make a few more bags for the couple of stocking stuffers that I had lost and then found. Since doing the stocking thing meant going downstairs I opted to make 8 more bags. Truly making bags is faster than wrapping although as I got tired my skills decreased (one ended up with the seam on the outside)  the last couple didn't have a hemmed top, just a torn edge and they were fine. Some I closed with pipe cleaner; some with a torn strip of fabric and a bow of another torn strip. although 2 of them I actually sewed shut; they took a bit longer to open!
As expected the grandkids were hyper but fun to have. I tried a new breakfast recipe...I'll post it later. 
Since Reed is here but visiting his in-laws we decided to postpone our Bethlehem dinner until Saturday when they could be here.
Now I've got to get our simple dinner of smoked turkey, rolls, and such on so we can graze on healthier food for the evening.

Hope you took time to remember the Savior; I tired but didn't do it often enough or long enough. This evening will be another opportunity to reflect with the kids. 

Merry Christmas

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Ms. Porter said...

wow, pretty awesome that you can sew something faster than wrapping it!! i hope you had a lovely time with your family...i had a good time with mine.