Monday, December 8, 2008

stash busting

  • in 8 1/2 yards (approximately)
  • out 8 1/2 yards
I had my long-arm training class last week; during class we used 4 yards of fabric for our first feathers...I'm sure it can be called finished even though it is not bound. I should date it though and hide it and then compare my work in a couple of weeks.

The next 4 yards was used for a pantograph and I bound it Saturday because of YOU! I couldn't bear to have more come in to my house than went out to report here. As poorly as it is I have it draped on my couch since I did it in gold and red so it works for Christmas.

Oops, I just remembered the 11 feet (3 2/3 yards) of canvas I bought to make headers for the long-arm.  I made 5. (I had to have 3 for today) I have enough velcro for 1 more and one of the ladies I took my long-arm class with will purchase part of what is left. I have enough canvas for 12 headers; I don't think I need that many.  It isn't quilting does it count?

My long-arm comes today.

1 comment:

Lori in South Dakota said...

nah, only quilting fabric counts! where are the pictures? I wanna see pictures of what you learned!