Wednesday, December 17, 2008

candy canes

I try to get my children involved in Christmas; one way is to find an ornament or craft they can do. Last week I saw this cute felted candy cane in blogland  and decided to make it my ornament of the year. (I try to make an ornament for our tree every year.....doesn't always happen and sometimes I buy an ornament too.) I managed to get Andrew and Roger to help. There's hope that Jeffrey will see the cuteness and Want to be involved but he has had HOMEWORK to deal with.
The good and the bad:
  • That wool roving I bought at a thrift store 3 years ago is getting used.
  •  I had to buy some red wool roving that came in a package of 6 different colors....what to do with purple roving?
After making a few I experimented with using red yarn; it worked just fine. Then I did a red cane with white stripe; which worked VERY well; but I have more white than red...

So if you're interested in felting, or cute, unbreakable, lightweight- doesn't weigh the branch down- ornaments; this is the one for you. 

It was difficult for an 11 year old to wrap the pipe cleaner but the felting process evens it out alot and his turned out great. 56 year olds are more precise and Roger's has a very precise evenly spaced stripe.

(The snowman in the background I made in 1984- I know because I date each ornament- just to make me feel old. Haven't figured out how to date the candy canes yet.)