Tuesday, November 4, 2008

working the polls

I worked most of the days at a voting spot...precinct. Helping people vote. Here are some of the things I was asked.
  • Who should I vote for?  (I couldn't answer that...)
  • How do I just vote for the president?
  • Can I just put a check mark? (It clearly states to fill in your choice.)
  • Can you help me? I can't find John McCain on this. 
One sweet (well I'm assuming he was sweet I don't really know) old man wanted to vote electronically but kept trying to treat the screen like it was a touch screen.
I would have liked to know who the young people were voting for. We had a lot that were voting for the first time. 
There were lines at 7; but none the rest of the day...well, I left at 3:30. Once in a while 1 or 2 would need to wait since we only had 2 electronic booths.
I enjoyed visiting with the other worker in the room; Ginger.

Sorry, no cell phones allowed in the precinct.

I'm going to quilt guild tonight; the boys have scouts. I think I'll have more fun! 

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