Sunday, November 9, 2008


So last weeks post about my 10 pounds of green sent me to the scales to figure out the rest of my scraps. 
  • green, 10 pounds, 35 yards
  • red, 7.5- pounds,  20 yards
  • blue, 15.1 pounds, 43 yards
  • pink, 8.1 pounds,  23 yards
  • black and browns, 4.6 pounds, 11 yards
  • white/lights, 10.6 pounds, 29.3 yards
total:  55 pounds 
total: 161 yards


accumulated this week: 0 yards
used this week: 0 yards or pounds
years taken to accumulate; 30
years to take to use up if I use up 1.3 yards per 2 weeks; 4.6 years
(*I dropped the decimals in my totals.)

Not as bad as I thought but I still need to weigh the purple, turquoise, and the orange and yellow boxes.

I spent my sewing time this week folding fabric and pairing tops with backs; but didn't actually sew them together. Trying to get ready for when my long-arm gets here.


swooze said...

A long arm?? Oooohhhh. What are you getting? Once you get going you will be popping those quilts out in no time!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I'm NEVER going to weigh my stash! It would be embarrassing!