Monday, November 24, 2008


Do you realized 67 people looked at my blog today; if 1/4th had left a comment think how happy I would be tonight!


Patti said...

OK - I'll bite! I'll leave a comment!


Your idea of "singles" and "couples" and "engaged" really brought a smile to my face. I've called finished tops "flimsies" for a couple years now because that's what Norma in B.C. calls them. I think I like your nomenclature much better LOL! What the world needs is more things that make us smile!

I'm pretty new to your blog - don't remember how I found it. Must have followed a link somewhere. I especially love the third top down - but then I'm a sucker for lots of the same block done scrappy.

Sounds like you've purchased yourself a longarm. Good for you! What did you get? You will love it. I've had one for over 5 years now. Do a very few customer quilts but really bought it to finish my own. It's really amazing how many more finished quilts you'll be able to turn out in a year!

Don't feel bad. I usually have between 200-400 people read my blog daily, and I'm lucky to get 5 or 6 comments. I used to get lots more. As many as 20-25 per post. I think there are just so many blogs out there now that people just read and then move on without commenting - trying to get all their blogs read. It would be so easy to get so overwhelmed with blog reading that one has no time left to quilt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

I thought I had lost the web address to find your blog, but I found it ! I am trying to find a good recipe to take to a potluck supper at an upcoming camping rally --and know you will have many delicious recipes (along with photos of the dishes) to view.

Hope you are continuing to work out at the YMCA --and hope to see you there, some day.