Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am getting excited about this new fabric! This is the stack of PLAIDS! A lot of fabric. Most is quilt fabric, some flannel and a few pieces for dressmaking not pictured. Anyone want pajamas? As fast as I get things done I should ask; Does any one want a pajama kit?(I remember getting one of those for Christmas while young... just fabric folded up and we understood it was to make ourselves pajamas...don't remember if we did though.)
So what can I do with this?
  • make pajamas
  • pillowcases for some lucky boys
  • backs for quilts
  • quilt top pieces
  • plaid shorts (they are 'in', I know cause I saw some at Macy's; but Jeffrey said, 'no way' or words to the effect. I also saw some on a 12 year old boy recently.)
  • dress for me
  • Melissa loves plaids, so....would she like a purse/bag?
  • a couple of madras plaids there cry out to be crocheted into a rug....oh wait, I started one of those 15 years ago.....
  • some cool duffel bags/ sleeping bag bags
  • I'm thinking .....
any ideas?
added 9/29
  • tablecloths (can't believe I didn't come up with this first; I'm the queen of tablecloth making-I keep my Mother, sister and myself in tablecloths.)
  • pillow
  • apppliance covers; never saw the need for these but I'm thinking I NEED some now.
  • curtains

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Anonymous said...

How about a tableclot. My table's measurements are 38 1/2 inches by 60 inches, 2 inches if expanded.

Thanks for calling