Monday, September 29, 2008

ike revisited

Galveston island was finally opened and Roger spent Saturday helping clean up. What a mess. You can see the water line on the front door and see one of the trees they moved. Anyone not grateful for what they have out there? Visit one of the ravished areas and your life will seem perfect in comparison. We had 50 people living at our chapel last week; some have moved out; we're down to 35. 120 families in our stake (combination of 12 congregations) lost their homes.  (Our stake includes Galveston.) The men are planning on going to G. to help for weeks.

One family they helped couldn't get anything out of their house because there were so many trees in their yard it blocked their access.


Ms. Porter said...

Wow, thanks for sharing Laurie. Yep, that was a pretty good dose of reality for me (need it right now). Here Ike is out of the news (it's all the US and Canadian economy) so of course it's like nothing happened. It's easy to forget....thanks for making sure we don't.

julieQ said...

I am just reading through your posts, and this one struck a chord...How grateful I am that we were spared the most of it!!Love your blog!