Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cub scout committee chairman

Just when I thought I was finished with Cub Scouts I got asked to be the Cub Scout Committee Chairman. Of course I said yes; pack meeting was tonight and our new packmaster couldn't make it so I was... everything. We have 5 new den leaders and several new parents so noone knew if I did it wrong or not! Luckily the old chairman helped me out this time.
We served 'kitty litter cake' for refreshments.... totally gross I will never eat another tootsie roll. The cake is a tradition for the new bobcats to eat. The Wolves 'got to' drink wolves milk and howl (milk with blue food coloring) and then the 'bears' got to fight a real bear outside the door. That was the hit of the evening. The audience hears growls and screams and the door gets bumped and thumped then the boy crawls in victorious. 


Ms. Porter said...

gag, gross! but such a creative recipe...funny!

Angela said...

That really is disgusting. Congrats on surviving.