Friday, September 5, 2008

new project

A few weeks ago I saw a paper garland in a blog; good+happy days and thought it would be fun to do. I also read about a woman's mobil in her play room; circle cut out of children's books and I've been thinking about that for months; looking for just the right book to cut up. Tuesday I found 4 of these golden books of Christmas stories and the 2 ideas jelled.
You can see that I got to use some of my red and white string and some of my scrapbooking paper. I used 36 circles cut from my least favorite of the books. It's a cute story though and I enjoy the illustrations. The littles elf is a misfit until he finds what he does best, then he's happy.
I think this would look great in a child's room at Christmas; playing 'I spy' with mom at bed time; adding a cheerful note up by the ceiling. (The center row appears upside down because I zigzagged the garland to photgraph it.)
It turned out 15 ft. 4 inches long... that's a long garland!


Angela said...

WOW! What an amazing post! Thanks for sharing it.

Ms. Porter said...

cute i love this idea