Monday, August 25, 2008


I SHOULD write about the first day of school...and maybe I will AFTER they get home and I can show pictures...meanwhile....

Last week, knowing it was my last week with children to help me with impossible tasks, we tackled cleaning the pantry. I'm pretty sure that it has been cleaned since Brian did it 9, almost 10 years ago but I just have no recollection of it.

Brian had a teacher that came to the house twice a week to do school work with him. The first year he was ill they did school work. The August of 1998 when she started coming again she didn't bother with any classwork, she just did what ever Brian wanted to do. After she wrote in his journal for him they did his choice of activities. They often baked brownies or a cake. One time, it must of been November since he couldn't talk by then, he led her to the pantry. She was puzzled but I knew what he wanted to do. Clean the pantry. So they did. She thought it a funny thing for him to want to clean but that was Brian.

Anyway... we cleaned the pantry last week.
Here it is empty

Here some of the stuff

Jeffrey did a good job lining up all the cans

These 3 items are things I found that I'm not sure what to do with or why I bought them, but need to be used soon. I did a recipe search for the poppy seed filling; so have an idea to use that with. Duck sauce? Raspberry Chipolte Sauce? I had 2 bottle of it; I bought it for Liz's wedding (2006 Christmas time) I poured it on cream cheese and served it with chips, but evidently it wasn't great cause I had most of it left over. I can't eat it since it is too spicy for me...or it would have to be thinned---stretched out, what ever, to get the spiciness down enough for me.

Any ideas? There were other treasures too but I tossed the pickled ginger and the can of cactus.

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Angela said...

No help with those items but I did clean and reorganize the pantry 6 years ago when we were engaged.