Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new shoes?

Just as school was getting out last spring Jeffrey got new shoes. He paid for them and we found acceptable ones at Pay-less Shoes. During the summer we bought him boots for camp; he likes his boots and so instead of getting a new shoelace for his tennis shoes in July he started wearing his boots ALL the time. Imagine getting ready to go ...oh, anywhere and having to wait while he put on his boots, while his brother
slipped on his flip flops and was ready.
Anyway so his shoes did not get a lot of wear this summer and we finally found gray shoelaces (actually we finally looked at Wal-Mart and there they were; he didn't actually tell me he needed shoelaces until he'd been wearing his boots for a month) and he wore his shoes to school the first day.

As he took them off last night one of the lace carriers came off.

This morning while I was hunting thread to match, the ribbon bit got lost sooo I sewed in a bit of an old shoelace.
Do you suppose Jeffrey is the only Jr. High kid in this suburban town with hand sewn tennis shoes?
Quilting thread does come in handy occasionally.

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