Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today the new mother, baby and I went for a long walk. An urban hike to a thrift store, a greek restaraunt and then home. Melissa hunted a belt, I found 2 caps; a pink one for me and a tan one for Andrew. The shish ka bob place was run by older Greek men. They saw me looking at the baklava and so gave Melissa and I each a piece. It was tasty but not as tasty as the ones I made ...about 100 years ago. I'm pretty sure that homemade would turn out to be much more than $1.50 a piece....but well worth it.

Jeffrey, Andrew and Roger went to the Getty Villa. I visited the museum last September and posted a slide show then. They thought the grounds were great.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

New grandbaby is real cute! Congratultions. That Greek restaurant sounds yummy. Sounds like a fun trip to California.