Sunday, July 6, 2008

this is

Before I post my 'this is' you've got to see this little one; Austin Paul. I am visiting my newest grandson and my daughter in California. The baby is cute and my daughter is recovering.

The weather is great and my kids are coming this week to be tourists; so we'll have some fun too; what is your favorite thing to do in sunny CA?

This is my favorite quilt from my childhood. One year my grandmother made each of her granddaughters a 9-patch doll quilt. She used flour sacks and I recognize scraps from the square dance dresses we had and some curtains Mother had made. My 4 sisters and I were her only granddaughters at the time. Here is mine. She may have planned to make another since there were a couple of 9-patches in her scraps that I inherited. I would have included a picture of my rag doll that she made me but I don't have access to it.... Maybe another day.

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Danielle said...

Your grandson and quilt are both beautiful!