Saturday, July 19, 2008

eric's home

Eric got home from China. He had a great time and we looked at all 2,000 of his photos! I know Melissa is happier now and I got to sleep all night!
Friday we went to Universal Studios. I kept marveling at the weather. It was cool and comfortable in the shade. But why whould we pay lots of money to stand in long, long lines (45 min) to get on a ride that takes 5 minutes? I sat out the roller coaster and fell asleep! My legs hurt today but not bad enough to not go shopping this morning in the fashion district! I got some white linen for 5.99 a yard! Now I'll have to get busy to get my skirt made before the summer is over.
Roger and the boys are on a 10 mile hike. Melissa and I took naps.

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