Thursday, May 29, 2008

new recipes

I've noticed many people posting about their menu for the week but I'm not organized enough for that although I have a vague impression about what I'll be cooking; chicken and fish. That's it.

I've decided on a goal for my boys for the summer; Learn to cook

so I'm coming up with a list of things they might like to cook;
macaroni and cheese even though the adults shouldn't be eating it the boys love it. Andrew did a lot of the recipe we made Monday and then ate for 2 days.
corn bread
We started with mixes but we will soon go scratch.
skillet lasagna
chocolate applesauce cake
This is a family favorite.
german pancakes
The boy's already make this every Sunday but during the summer we'll need more!
steak fries Cook's country has a recipe we want to try.
potatoes-many forms
roast chicken
the list goes on and on, I think I'll let them choose 3 items and then have them make it 3 times each and then go on to the next 3.

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