Friday, May 30, 2008

new couch

My kids have been wanting to see our new couch. We've had a nice tapestry couch and love seat here; bought when we had a huge living room. I decided several months ago that there was just too much furniture in this room and started looking around for something else. I found this at the local Salvation Army store. It is red orange, not my favorite color but it is comfortable and fits the space well. I'd like to slipcover it but I am not in a hurry. It looks brand new. It has down cushions. It cost $200. The down side is that after it has been sat on the back cushions look awful and have to be beat back into shape. Now I need to find 2 chairs to replace the love seat so we'll have more sitting space without the room being cramped.


Mel said...

that looks great! I really like the pillow with your scraps from highschool on that couch. I seriously will not recognize your house when I come to visit. I haven't been there in quite a while!

Cody and Sarah said...

Sorry about you surgery, I hope that you recover quickly. I have heard about you recipes on your blog so, I am surfing. I'll let you know which ones I try.